The Importance of Correct Posture for a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever thought about the fact that posture forms the so-called “sports figure”? Many people train only muscles, forgetting that a less muscular person with correct posture seems to be more “athletic”.

Remember that vigorous pectoral training will cause the shoulders to be pulled forward, making the back appear narrower. In addition, we spend most of the day sitting at the table, which also does not improve posture.

Muscles for creating posture

When training the back, many try to lift as much weight as possible by switching work from the muscles of the back to the muscles of the shoulders, arms and torso. Remember that you must first learn to feel the muscles in your back, and only then increase the weight.

In exercises such as pulling the bar to the belt, pull-ups or sitting block pulls, it was the back that worked – do the chest with a wheel, repeat over and over again with a small weight until you learn to feel exactly the latissimus dorsi.

What is correct posture?

In order to “feel” your correct posture, stand up straight, breathe in more air, put your chest forward, straighten your shoulders, take them back and up a little, keep your head straight and tighten your abdominal muscles.

At first, this position will seem rather strange and unusual to you – but you need to get used to training with this particular body position. Stand in front of the mirror between sets; fix the correct posture repeatedly.

Exercises that are important to learn how to do right deadlift, bench press and standing, deadlift and squats.

How to correct your posture?

Theoretically, with the correct execution of all the rows on the back (sitting in the simulator, pulling the bar to the belt, pull-ups, etc.), posture will be strengthened – that is, the position described above becomes more “natural” for you. Make sure while you are fixing your posture. You can use safegrip for better and good results.

The following exercises perfectly strengthen the posture: fix the correct posture, pick up a light barbell or a fitness bar (3-5 kg), holding it at the waist – in this position, walk or run quickly on a treadmill.

Posture in everyday life

While walking, try to take a position with the correct posture, watch this, fix and correct yourself – time will pass, and this posture will become natural. Sit with both feet flat on the floor and avoid touching the back of the chair with your entire back.

Remember that posture is not trained in the gym, but in everyday life – and if you want change, you always need to keep your back straight, shoulders straightened, belly tucked up, and look forward, not at your feet.

With many exercises (for example, on the chest muscles), the stoop only increases. To have correct posture, you need, firstly, to clearly understand that it is, and secondly, to perform any exercises only in this position.



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