How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Mark

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rawan yasser seuXd6AQu8g unsplash

Stretch marks also known as striae distensae or striae gravidarum, look like streaks intended in the skin. These can be red, purple, or silver in appearance. Stretch marks most often appear on the stomach, chest, bottom, thighs, and hips.

Most of the time the common reason for stretch marks is pregnancy but anybody can develop stretch marks at any point in time in their life. For some people, it is predictable that they may get stretch marks because they are more likely to get them because of their genes and either from their mom-dad grandparents or anyone’s blood relative. Even if you have a lot of stretch marks there are some ways in which you can reduce them or you can try to treat the ones that you already have on your body.

 Controlling the weight

What is the most important and very helpful thing that you can do is maintain healthy weight whether you are pregnant or not to prevent stretch marks. The concept of stretch marks is it happens when skin pulls apart quickly due to the rapid weight gain and sometimes you can see a lot of stretch marks after the Rapid weight loss also. And in some cases, people see stretch marks during puberty. Other groups of people like the bodybuilders when they see big gains from muscle growth or maybe using steroids full stop to reduce stretch marks, in this case, is only to control the change in weight gain or loss too quickly and eating a healthy diet and exercise to help you manage that. 

Eating healthy 

Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E zinc, and protein it is very important to make sure that you have all of these things in your food every day. It is noticed that stretch marks can also come in case of lack of Nutrition. It is very important to keep having this variety of nutrients and choosing and processed foods in different colors like eating whole wheat toast some mixed berries and some different fruits and vegetables this may help you very effectively. 

 Drink loads of water 

Hydrated is one of the very important tricks to keep your skin healthy and soft. healthy and soft skin usually develops stretch marks slowly as compared to dry skin hence drinking enough of water is very very important. Also drinking a lot of caffeine like coffee other sweeteners increase the chances of developing stretch marks. and in case if you tend to take coffee or some other caffeinated beverages then it is very important to balance out with drinking plenty of water herbal tea or Detox water or caffeine-free fluids.

Most important Vitamin C

 This Vitamin C is a very important source for developing of collagen and Vitamin C can be found in a lot of fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits oranges lemons are the good and bulk source of vitamin C.

 Collision plays a very crucial role in making your skin strong and Elastic. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and it is very important in preventing stretch marks. 

 Vitamin D

 Researches have shown the correlation between low level of Vitamin D and incidence of increase in stretch marks. it has been seen that maintaining a good healthy level of Vitamin B try and reduce the risk of stretch marks. Sun is one of the greatest and the easiest sources of vitamin D. This is also found in bread cereal, dairy products like milk yogurt.

Rich zinc

 Again this is a very important nutrient for healthy skin and helps in reducing inflammation and helps in the wound healing process. Nuts and fish which are rich in zinc will help you keep your skin healthy and may reduce the chances of stretch marks.

 Eating fresh

 Is there are no chances of totally preventing stretch marks on your skin the only way to minimize their appearance so that they are not noticeable. As soon as you see a stretch mark it is always better to go a doormat and understand what this is going on. 


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