Smart Ways to Simplify the Fleet Maintenance Billing Process

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1520288456 fleet data 2x

We all know that it is not possible to avoid bills for the growth of the business, just like repairing process is not avoidable in fleet operation. Most people think that paying bills is a hectic process, but not anymore. The bills payment process to your maintenance vendors is simplified with the advent of various latest technologies. Here, we are going to discus different ways to streamline the fleet maintenance billing operation: 

1. Billing-calculator

Mostly the fleet management companies can easily handle all billing operations for your fleet maintenance. But, the bad news is that they are not economical or transparent. It is time to adopt some changes in the billing and reconciliation process. You can upgrade the billing process own your own without scarifying your budget limit by accounts receivable software integration. Also, you will get the easy access to the entire fleet data.  

2. Create Standard Process 

Just imaging a shop for fleet maintenance and the shop owner do not follow the right technique for the completing the repairs. The different mechanics at the shop follow the different approach for the repair process. Why all these mechanics are not following the predefined and optimum techniques for repair & maintenance. Also, it is difficult to determine how long it will take to complete each task. It is imperative that all mechanics follow the predefined steps so that the outcome is efficient and qualitative. Similarly, this principle is also applicable on the billing process of the company. It is important to standardize the billing process to make it convenient for customer to pay the amount. If you want to streamline the billing process of your company, then you should build the standard billing process. We recommend you to outline the important billing steps. The standard billing stages should be distributed to employees in billing department in the written form. The AR integration for quickBooks can help in streamlining the account receivable and accounts payable process. 

3. Use Latest Technology Software

We recommend you to purchase the billing solution that can be highly beneficial for your business. The technology solution will help in standardizing the billing process and streamline this operation. The data recorder by this software can be easily accesses anytime and anywhere. In paper based record maintenance process, you can easily an important paper with important piece of information. If you will store your information digitally, then there will be no chances of misplacing the information. The latest technology software also helps in speeding up your billing process. You can automate the calculations and easily access the precise information from the right billing software. The right for switching the manual billing process to the latest technology billing is the starting of the New Year. Various billing solutions that you can use are Troveworks Quickbooks integration app, sage accounting, etc. 

4. Use New Charge Back System 

The charge back system has been introduced to prevent the customers from frauds. Instead of asking for the refunds, the customers can make a request from thee authorize financial institutions to reverse the payment. Instead of asking for the refund, clients or consumers can make a request to pay back from the account of the dealers. It will help to maintain the transparency in the billing process. 

5. Transparent Process

The clients and customers are sometimes expected to pay for all those services that are never delivered to them. If the fleets maintenance service providers use the service based charges, then both parties (customers and service providers) must have deep insight of the cost of the services. The bills usually contain the charges of each & specific services. The bill contains the information of promoters or detractors for the charge back system. The small variation in the information can lead to big frauds. The charge-back system is associated with various pros and cons. Therefore, it is recommended that you should precisely monitor the system and find out whether it is good fit for you or not. By investing in the account receivable technologies and account payable technologies; you can maintain the transparent billing process. 

6. Utilize Consolidated Billing

The best way to reduce the time for the payment & reconciliation of bills is to have only few bills for consolidation. If you opt for the consolidated billing, then all your maintenance expenditure from different service vendor will start appearing on one bill. It means there will be less probability of repeated tasks. You will spend less time in calculating the invoices. In earlier time, then consolidated billing is used for paying big chunk of money. But, gone are the days when the consolidated billing is used to pay the big bucks. The new accounts receivable technologies software can help in automating the service approval process and also automates the consolidation of bills.  


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