Why you are not moving ahead in your career?


Those who do not progress in life are the ones who stop learning. Learning is an integral part of growth. You become better at what you do when you make the effort of keeping yourself open to new ideas, knowledge, experiences and opportunities. No matter which field you are working in, you will find yourself evolving every year with changing trends. The landscape is never the same, especially for technological fields like IT, InfoSec, computer science etc. The closest resemblance these sectors bear is to a stream that constantly keeps changing with new waves replacing the old ones and if you do not keep up with these changes, you will simply be stuck at one place and soon enough, you will start losing value like an old vintage phone. If you are, say, a professional with a Certified ethical hacker certification working in the cybersecurity industry for about 6 years and you find yourself stuck at your job and wonder why you are not moving ahead in your career, maybe it’s because you have forgotten to keep learning. And maybe it’s time you ask yourself what is it that you are doing wrong.

You are not reading every day

If you are someone who doesn’t fancy reading, this might sound overwhelming. But reading is one of the best habits you can inculcate to ensure your professional growth. Forget the fact that all the highly successful people read every day, think of what you can do with reading. Think of how reading an article a day will help you. (That’s 365 articles a year by the way).

Just consume an article or a blog post every morning. Think of it as a healthy breakfast. Choose reliable sources and interesting topics related to your field. There are plenty of online publications that post quality and resourceful content regularly. 

You can also listen to a podcast about your field, if you prefer listening to reading, or if you want to combine this morning ritual with your commute.

Pro tip: On the side, you can also read a book by any famous and revered person in your field to enhance your knowledge and learn from the best.

You don’t know what’s happening in the world

News is a great way to stay ahead of the world. And when it comes to your knowledge of your industry, you can use the internet to your advantage by a simple, tiny habit: reading news every day. Choose a time of the day when you wish to unwind from your day-to-day job and use that time to glance over what’s happening in the world. Staying on top of news will not only help you stay ahead of industry trends but also keep you informed of milestone events that you could use to your advantage. (Not to mention that news also covers mishaps that prove to be a handy source of learning from other people’s mistakes.)

You are not learning new skills

Due to intense competition and massive pressure to meet the expectations of their superiors, employees tend to upskill themselves at regular intervals. This trend has now become more popular than ever. Online platforms providing e-courses, webinars and coaching have made it easier for people to learn anything from a remote location in the world. Whatever your level of professional expertise, you can still learn skills that will help you perform better at work. 

Employees working in cybersecurity often opt for CHFI online training, considering the benefits of the course and the new opportunities it opens. Make sure you make the most out of living in the digital age and learn at least one new skill every year to upgrade your CV and give yourself a competitive edge. 

You are not building enough connections

How strong your professional connections are will determine how high you climb career ladders. LinkedIn is a powerful platform to build connections with people in your industry. All you need to do is to replace 10 minutes of social media with 10 minutes of LinkedIn. Staying on top of your career also includes receiving recommendations from trusted people and having contacts with people from different organisations. You never know when you might need a helping hand in your professional journey and the time you spend on building meaningful connections will go a long way into giving you that extra ounce of luck.

Remember, you are living in the digital age where you have access to everything you need to move forward in your career in the palm of your hand.


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