Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Digital Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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The last year hasn’t been kind to small businesses and that’s why it’s time to change strategies. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, digital marketing can help small businesses reach more customers with less money. Here are some key digital marketing tips for your small business:

Tips & Tricks

1. Social media presence needs to be built and strengthened – With more businesses going online or forced to go online, personal face-to-face communication is limited. Hence, it’s a good idea to build a strong social media presence for your business. More than 70 percent of consumers rely on social media to decide on their purchase and it also helps you reach out to consumers who are aligned with your brand. Moreover, it’s important to choose the right platform. For instance, an online fashion boutique should be more focused on Instagram instead of LinkedIn or Facebook since it heavily relies on images to showcase its products. 

2. Mobile optimization for your website – Mobile marketing is growing every day with more consumers using their phones to browse products and make purchases than ever before. While mobile marketing is expensive, you can at least start somewhere and make your website optimized for mobile. WIX, Squarespace, and other website builders already have a huge list of templates and themes to make your website mobile-friendly and you should put them to use. 

3. List yourself on Google My Business – Getting listed on Google My Business is simple and free. It can help local consumers to find more information about your business with ease. If a listing already exists for your business, you need to claim it or make a new one. You can change information about your business on the listing, showcase products, show your contact information, and other details. That means you can also update information about your business if anything changes. Keeping the listing accurate and updated also helps your listing to rank higher on Google search results. 

4. Don’t ignore the locals – If your business is operational in a local market, you’d want to implement digital marketing strategies that can target your local audience and relate to them. Apart from Google My Business, you can also make a new listing or claim an existing one on Yelp and Bing. This strengthens your position in other local search directories. You can also create social media or Google ads that target the relevant geographic areas. Moreover, you can also promote your business by participating in a community event or hosting one. 

5. Encourage customers for an online review – This strategy is free and can bring you a lot of benefits. When customers release an online review for your business, it is good for SEO and may attract more traffic to your business listing. If you can monitor and reply to the negative reviews and maintain a 4-star rating it creates a positive cycle that can attract a steady flow of new customers. 


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these digital marketing tips to extend the reach of your business to more clients.


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