What Type of a Rummy Game Player are you?

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In recent years, the popularity of rummy is rising to a great extent. The rummy game has managed to attract many players, and thousands of users sign up daily. Rummy is a traditional card game and is refurbished to an online game. Now, the enthusiasm of this game is accessible anywhere and anytime. Rummy can be played on any device like smartphones, laptops, or personal computers.

Just like every other game, rummy also has its variation in the players. In this game, players of different personalities, traits, and gaming styles can be seen. Although we are not aware of all types of players, competing with each type of player plays an essential role in building the skills.

  • The Novice

The count of novice players is the most. This is because many users are attracted to play rummy. Some have a serious interest while others just find recreation in it. You could be a novice player, or you were a novice player a few years ago. This type of player keeps struggling with the basics of sequence, pure sequence, or sets. The tricks of the game are beyond these players.

  • This is a Serious Business one.

This type of player is quite popular. For others, rummy might be just a game, but for you, it’s a matter of life and death. This kind loves to demonstrate bold moves and show aggression in the game. They don’t entertain any type of disturbance during the game. The most important business is winning. If anyone dares to disturb them, it’s a crime.

  • The cunning fox

Beware of them. They play a very calculative game. They keep a strict check on their opponent’s game and always have an eye on the discard section. These players even leave the game in the middle when their calculations depict no chance of winning. They calculate their ways, logically set their cards, and always tend to finish their hand first.

  • The Bluffer

The rummy game requires concentration and coherent skills. If you failed to be attentive, you are in the trap of bluff masters in no time. These players use tricks that compel other players to drop their game. You might feel that they are done with their game, but they are far from the proper start. This is the way the bluffers deceive you.

  • The Money-maker

All that matters is the winning amount. You don’t care if the game is easy for your opponent or not. The prime goal is to win. They love rummy as it brings excellent money. You are focused on your game just for the prize money.

  • The Multi-tasker

You enjoy playing rummy. But, the game doesn’t put your other tasks at stake. You will be doing all the functions along with playing. You will be answering calls, replying to emails, having food, and the right rummy moves; you will have all of it sorted.

  • The chill one

You like the game. You know the tricks of rummy too. But for you, it’s just a game and you are playing it just for fun. It’s more about not getting bored or as a pass time at passive get-togethers. Winning or losing is not your concern. Everything is in good spirit.


The rummy game has millions of fans and players. Those mentioned above are just a few types of players. Every type of player plays a vital role in adding spice to the game. We carry some distinct traits and attributes, and that is reflected in every kind of rummy player. If you are curious to know what type of player you are, check out the above article and know your playing style.



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