What Kinds of Organizations Use Digital Workplaces?

Digital workplaces are becoming increasingly popular. If you are not sure what this is and whether it could be of interest to you, keep reading to learn a little more about what this is and which types of organizations use digital workplaces. If you see your industry within this list, it might be time to enquire about it yourself. 

What are digital workplaces? 

Digital workplaces are strategies that look at how people work, the company culture, and their location, all with the sole focus to boost employee engagement. Examples of digital workplaces include team collaboration tools and videoconferencing software, but some of the best digital workplaces are fully-fledged company intranet systems provided by platforms like Simpplr

These are some of the organizations already taking advantage of this:

Marketing and Advertising Firms

Digital workplaces are common for marketing and advertising firms. Developing new marketing campaigns is usually a highly collaborative process, with advertisers brainstorming ideas and tweaking slogans. Think Mad Men, but on Google Docs instead of a smoky boardroom!

Scientific and Research Organizations

It is no surprise that scientific research—a highly collaborative and technologically focused field—makes extensive use of digital workplaces! Researchers can share and edit files and documents in a much more efficient way than ever before.

Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Digital workplaces provide many benefits when it comes to admin. Medical professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, and others make extensive use of digital workplaces in order to store and share highly important medical information regarding patients. Digital workplaces have really made healthcare administration and carrying out tasks much easier.

Police and Military Forces

Like healthcare, the police and military are two organizations that rely on efficient communication, collaboration, and shared information. Think of police databases where information on suspects and criminal records are kept. Digital workplaces enable the sharing of evidence and intel that can make or break a case or operation.

Banks and Financial Organizations

If you have ever used online banking, you will have used a form of digital workspace. Although you probably use this for personal reasons (unless, of course, you happen to work for a bank), employees who work for the bank also use these platforms to view and edit information and to make transfers or grant requests.

Technology Firms 

It goes without saying that technology and software firms make frequent use of digital workspaces, as they are clued up on the latest technological advancements. In fact, some of these firms actually design and create the digital workplace platforms themselves!

Governments and Civil Service

Like the police, military, and healthcare, governments also need to work collaboratively using databases of personal records. It is no surprise that digital workplaces are used to help them carry out their operations!


This list is not exhaustive—there are many more examples out there. In fact, almost any industry that you can think of probably uses digital workplaces to at least some degree. There are many advantages to using a digital workplace, and it is well worth doing some research into digital workplace solutions if you are running your own business or are involved in making these kinds of decisions in your organization. The future is digital—don’t get left behind!

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