Top Big Data service providers in the world

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Big Data, today, is one of the key drivers of information technology development. This direction, relatively new for Russian business, has become widespread in Western countries. This is due to the fact that in the era of information technology, especially after the boom of social networks, a significant amount of information began to accumulate for each Internet user, which ultimately gave rise to the direction of Big Data.

The term “Big Data” causes a lot of controversy, many believe that it only means the amount of accumulated information, but do not forget about the technical side, this area includes storage technologies, computing, as well as big data services provider.

It should be noted that this area includes the processing of a large amount of information, which is difficult to process using traditional methods.

The Big Data sphere is characterized by the following features:

  • Volume – The volume of the accumulated database is a large amount of information that is required in traditional ways, they require a new approach and improved tools.
  • This sign indicates an increasing rate of data accumulation (90% of information has been collected over the past 2 years), as well as the speed of  processing, recently, real-time data processing technologies have become more in demand.

Big data: applications and opportunities

It is impossible to process volumes of heterogeneous and rapidly arriving digital information with traditional tools. The analysis of the data itself allows you to see certain and imperceptible patterns that a person cannot see. This allows us to optimize all areas of our life – from government to manufacturing and telecommunications.

For example, some companies a few years ago protected their clients from fraud, and taking care of the client’s money – taking care of their own money

App Annie – a platform for analytics in mobile applications

App Annie is the number one platform for analyzing mobile app data. It brings together everything that publishers and hire big data developers  need to understand the market requirements for building and selling mobile apps and investing in their development.

The company, headquartered in San Francisco, has over 425 employees in 15 locations around the world. The company raised $ 156 million from 11 investors, including Sequoia Capital.

App Annie customers are 90% of the top 100 publishers and over 700,000 registered users who control one million mobile apps.

App Annie’s clients include Electronic Arts, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nestle, Samsung, Tencent, and more. Analytical work is carried out with all online. Thanks to this, owners can not only get on the use of their applications, but also track the activities of competitors and what is happening in the industry as a whole.

Application in industries

Big Data has become widespread across many industries. They are used in healthcare, telecommunications, trade, logistics, financial companies, and government.


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