How to Go Above and Beyond in Your Marketing Campaign


Marketing is an important task for any business. It helps you show off your brand and your products or services – and the better you do this, the more you’ll make in sales. But if you’ve run a handful of marketing campaigns before, you’ll know that some of them don’t quite come off as you’d hoped, fizzling out in a lack of inspiration and a lack of sales. Here’s how you can avoid that eventuality by putting more pizzazz and fun into your campaigns. 

Outside the Box

Consumers know when marketing teams are just going through the motions, ticking all the existing boxes without pushing the boat out to achieve something new. If your whole campaign is a little uninspired, then your target audience members are hardly going to be inspired by what you’re trying to tell them through it. Instead, each campaign should be exciting – for you and your team, and for your target audience – so that you’re presenting a far more compelling and attractive company when you’re next investing in getting your brand seen.


In today’s media world, far too much content is geared towards the average person. This can often exclude people living with neuro-diversities and disabilities, which make up around 15% of the world’s population. That’s quite the audience that your campaign might be excluding if you don’t make efforts to make your content accessible for all. Show that you actively care about their experience by hiring a team who’ve worked on campaigns that are accessible in the past. They’ll help you understand what extra details you’ll need to put in place in order to make images and videos that can be read or understood by as wide a range of people as possible.


There have been millions of marketing campaigns before your one. Many of them have stuck to a line that’s been well furrowed by other marketing agencies, but many others have come up with something new and novel to show off their brand. Be that a clever and memorable jingle, a form of guerrilla marketing that hit the headlines, or something more subtle, those marketing campaigns that try something new can end up with tremendous results. Going viral because you did something new is more preferable than being ignored because you didn’t take any risks.

Social Media

When we think of marketing in the modern world, it’s hard to think beyond social media. Most people use social media as their gateway to the online world, and interact with friends and family through the same portal day after day. Naturally, this is also where they’ll come across the majority of the digital marketing content presented to them online. It’s therefore important that you bear in mind social media users across a diverse set of networks who will be viewing your content. You ultimately want it to be shareable – the kind of content that people will like, comment upon and share. Build this into the very DNA of your marketing campaigns. 

There you have it: four tips to help you go above and beyond in your next exciting marketing campaign. 


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