When in Las Vegas: A Local Guide


Las Vegas is renowned for being the most fun city on planet Earth. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas! But there are many things to do there that people often miss out on trying out due to the lack of an itinerary. 

Although Las Vegas is known for its party atmosphere, gambling, and poker, like any other city, it has its own city culture, street food, scenic spots, and romantic getaways. Several travel agencies provide the inside scoop for hardcore tourists looking for Las Vegas restaurant deals and cheap hotels to stay in. 

Previously recording an average visitor population of almost 50 million every year, it fell to roughly 20 million due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But since the situation is clearing up, people have begun to revisit this bedazzling city. Although Nevada is a beautiful place with intense red rocks and Mojave desert, Las Vegas is known to be the most populous city in all of Nevada and Clark County. 

Why Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is an internationally acclaimed city for its lifestyle. The nightlife it offers is like no other. Many people have Las Vegas as a bucket-list-trip for which they even save up money! Although gambling, fine dining, shopping, and entertainment are pretty expensive for ordinary folk (since the visitors in Las Vegas are usually wealthy conglomerates and American mafias), many organizations offer Las Vegas restaurant deals and coupons to make the journey affordable for all. 

Reputed as the world’s Entertainment Capital, Las Vegas is a hotspot that everyone must visit in their life. Its mega-casino hotels and allied activities are like no other! 

What to Do in Las Vegas?

Quite obviously, the activities that one can do differs based on whether it’s with friends, family or children. But Las Vegas has a myriad of activities that ensures that all age groups get to have unlimited fun! Here’s a list of activities one can do in the sin city:

  • The Strip: 4.2 miles after crossing the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” signboard, you have the poshest, the bedazzling, and epic stretch of entertainment the entire city has to offer. This is the part of the city that the movies cover–grand casinos, extraordinary shows, high rises, shopping malls, and dazzling lights. Initially, the experience might be overwhelming, but just walking around the heart of the city is an experience of its own. One can visit the iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Bellagio Fountains, and the Venetian’s Grand Canal to behold the beauty of Las Vegas. 
  • Speed Vegas: This is a lesser-known hotspot in Las Vegas that caters to all the motorheads. Located in the south of the Strip, Speed Vegas is an award-winning set of circuits where visitors can drive supercars of select range! Be it a Corvette or a Ferrari; Speed Vegas has got you covered! 
  • Dining: Fine dining is a different experience in Las Vegas. However, many restaurants might be high-end and Michelin rated, so they can be a little expensive. Worry not! There are many companies and travel agencies that offer coupons and Las Vegas restaurant deals to eat exquisite food at your comfort. Many agencies have developed apps that help track money spent in Las Vegas to make an affordable yet exciting trip. From burgers and fries to fine caviar, Las Vegas restaurants have it all with tremendous alcoholic diversity. 


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