The Top 5 Novelty Items To Give As Gifts To Your Friends This Christmas

Friends This Christmas

When shopping for Christmas gifts for your friends, it can often be hard to choose something that the recipient either doesn’t already own yet or absolutely loves. Whether you are strapped for time, strapped for cash or unfortunately a combination of both, why not do something different this year and buy, in bulk, some fabulous novelty items to give to your friends. 

With that being said, continue reading to learn of the top eight novelty items to give as gifts to your friends this Christmas.


  • Personalized Shot Glasses


You simply cannot go wrong with gifting your party-loving friends with a personalized shot glass this Christmas. 

You could opt for a classic clear glass with a simple name, either etched or painted on the side, their nickname or a banter-ful insult, or maybe a Christmassy themed shot glass into the shape of Father Christmas or a happy snowman. If you are feeling generous this holiday season, pair each personalized shot glass with a bottle of Irish cream liqueur to truly get them into the mood on Christmas morning. 


  • Magic 8 Balls


To add a real element of fun and a touch of mystery to your friend’s Christmas boxes this year, why not treat them to a custom magic 8 ball, that you can design entirely from the colors to the messages hidden in the liquid. 

The beauty of gifting your friends a custom-made magic eight ball is that they will use such a present throughout the year and it will make a fun boredom breaker for anyone that sees it. 


  • Homemade Christmas Fudge


If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a culinary genius, why not gift those fabulous friends in your life with some tasty homemade fudge, finished off in a Christmassy sealed bag with a red ribbon tie!

There are a plethora of different Christmas fudge recipes online, including white chocolate peppermint, butter pecan fudge, maple-bacon, peanut butter and eggnog fudge, to name a few. 


  • Wax Melts


Candles and wax melts are some of the top-trending products this holiday season and would be very gratefully received by your friends as a gift.

You will enjoy browsing the aisles and online stores choosing a variety of different wax melt packs, all with Christmassy scents and some with glitter mixed into the melt itself. There is a multitude of burners to choose from as well, from snowmen and Santas to more traditional and minimalistic plain white ones. 


  • Nutcrackers


If, rather than looking for an entire present that you can bulk buy or make for your friends, you would like to add a stocking filler to everyone’s present, a beautifully painted and entirely traditional nutcracker figure in classic reds, blues or greens. 

You could even gift your friends, family members and loved ones each a different nutcracker every year going forward, so they all have an adorable nutcracker army around them every Christmas for many years to come. 


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