The ultimate guide to giving your business a brand overhaul


Every so often, there comes a time when your business needs a brand overhaul. There might not be anything wrong with your current branding per se, but there may not be much right with it either.

When you feel customers are growing bored with your current offering and your brand is fast becoming stale, it is time to shake it up with a complete overhaul.

Now, it is worth pointing out at this point that no two brand overhauls are the same because no two businesses are the same. 

As a result, you should always keep your core business ethos at heart when making any changes. You are the only person who can decide if a certain change is right for your company, so avoid copying what other brands do. It is just a shortcut to becoming an also-ran rather than an industry leader.

Nevertheless, there are certain changes you can make which apply to most businesses. Creating new signage, rewriting your brand identity, and targeting a new demographic are all easily actionable tactics for overhauling your brand.

Here is the ultimate guide to giving your business a brand overhaul:

Create new signage

If you have a store, then the first part of your premises a customer is going to lay eyes on is your sign. It may seem like an inconsequential detail, but your sign informs people about your brand far more than you might think.

All it takes is a change of font for your brand ideals to be transformed in the eyes of consumers, which is why you need to know how to choose the right font for your signage.

Changing your sign is a fundamental brand overhaul, so choose the replacement wisely. 

Work on your brand identity 

If you want to overhaul your business’s brand, then you need to know what the overall identity of your brand is – or aspires to be. 

Write down a quick description of your brand if you had to explain it to someone in the street. This will help you focus your mind on how best to demonstrate that in different ways.

Your brand identity is what customers first picture or feel when they think about your company, so it needs to be a distinct philosophy or personality which is instantly recognizable.

Target a particular demographic

When companies overhaul their brand, it is usually to target a new demographic which they couldn’t access in their previous guise.

Perhaps you are a clothing label that used to sell clothes exclusively to women, but you decide to branch out to men’s clothes, too. Your branding is likely going to push men away as it stands, so you will require a brand overhaul to widen your appeal.

Naturally, you need to decide which demographic you want to target before you start making serious branding decisions because it will significantly influence the direction you take. 

It may be worth creating a new customer avatar to find out what might appeal to your new target market – or at least cut out the aspects of your brand which would turn them away. 


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