How to choose an ideal engagement ring for your beloved?

engagement ring

During the colonial days of New Zealand, the suitors would request permission from the father of the bride-to-be before popping the question. But in modern New Zealand, couples fall in love and get engaged in their own free will. In nz engagement rings are booming in sales tremendously. After all, the lockdown has bought many couples closer and transformed their story into a fairytale romance. So, if you want to have a love story like those couples, you better gear up with a bling. You can purchase the engagement ring from a variety of online stores in New Zealand. You can get down on one knee by planning a surprise. Well, you can ensure that your beloved will be stunned and delighted. But before planning the surprise, you must know how to choose the perfect ring for your beloved. So, you can read further and learn some tips.

  1. Pick a diamond shape: Hunting for a diamond shape that matches the style and taste of your significant other can be challenging. And what if you don’t know their favourite one? Then, the task of choosing a shape might be more daunting. But you can still choose the best and the popular diamond shape. As per an article, the round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape in New Zealand. This shape is exorbitant than the other diamond shapes. Since every shape or cut is priced differently, you can purchase them according to the carat. If the round cut brilliant diamond is not within your budget, you can always choose an alternative shape. You can also select the pear or marquise for a vintage appeal. If your significant other is quite the hopeless romantic, you can hand-pick a heart-shaped diamond ring. After all, the heart signifies the eternal bond between two individuals who love each other immensely.
  2. Choose a metal for the ring: After choosing the diamond shape, you must pick the perfect metal for a brilliant look. Traditionally, engagement rings are created from yellow gold metal. Apart from yellow gold, different metals are attainable in the market. Silver, white gold, rose gold and platinum are some of them. At present, rose gold has increased in popularity. Furthermore, platinum and silver might look alike, but you can understand their difference from the density. Platinum is not only exorbitant but also has a great density. Plus, it is also very rare. Since a few metals can scratch easier than others, you must thoroughly check and gain information from online websites. In addition to this, don’t forget to check your budget before making an important decision. You can also look for engagement rings with diamonds or gemstones set in the band.
  3. Get the right measure: You must know the correct measurement of your significant other’s ring finger. You don’t want a ring that is loose or cuts off your circulation. It must be extremely comfortable to wear. You can either ask for the BFF to get the ring measurement details or mention your size after getting sized yourself. You can also look for measurements of your ring finger online.
  4. Buy certified diamonds: In nz engagement rings can be shopped online smartly. When you find the ideal ring, make sure that the diamonds are certified by an accredited laboratory. You can ensure that they are of the highest quality, unlike diamonds certified from other labs. You will attain a certificate if the diamond is certified. Hence, you can match the diamond with the certificate.


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