Why Is Video Marketing Critical to Boosting Sales?

Video Marketing

It is critical to extend your reach as far as possible for sales and marketing. This necessitates some creative thinking on your part. The Internet offers a plethora of advertising options, but it’s important to keep in mind that some are more effective than others. Various solutions for using video in sales have been made available nowadays when it comes to sales and marketing. You will immediately reach your prospective clients and convince them to invest by combining powerful video content with social selling.

Following are 7 ways in which solutions for using video in sales will benefit your business:

1. Conversion rates are boosted by video-

According to HubSpot, putting video on a landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80%! When compared to simply reading the same material, watching an engaging presenter in a video can undoubtedly affect buying behaviour and urge a visitor to convert into a lead (or a lead to convert into a customer!). Video can help you sell your product by evoking the correct emotions. Plus, depending on the viewpoint you’re going for, they can serve as built-in instructions or testimonials.

2. Adding video to your email marketing campaigns is a terrific idea-

We’re all bombarded with email, and getting someone to open yours is becoming increasingly difficult. Simply including the word “video” in your subject line can boost open rates and reduce unsubscribe rates. A video in an email increases the click-through rate by 200-300 percent, which is a startling amount. But, in most circumstances, you can’t dispute that watching a video is more convenient than sitting and reading text, right? This is especially helpful if you’re explaining how to utilize your product or expressing something that can’t be expressed as effectively in writing.

3. Non-readers are targeted using video-

When it comes down to it, many customers will just refuse to read the material you’ve created. They might skim the headline and a few phrases before moving on. Video content, on the other hand, is considerably harder to dismiss. You can, for example, have the video start playing as soon as your page loads. The audio will be impossible to ignore if the visitor has headphones or speakers on. This ensures that people will pay attention, learn about your goods, and be curious to learn more.

4. Video is quite popular with search engines-

Content that engages viewers is what search engines are looking for. Nothing entices more page visits and stays on the page longer than a video. Furthermore, YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. If you upload your video to YouTube and your website, your visibility and chances of appearing in search are substantially enhanced. Furthermore, if you advertise your video on social media, your chances of being discovered skyrocket!

5. Video establishes credibility and trust-

Video is an excellent method to give your company and brand a personality, allowing you to connect with your audience and earn their trust. Product videos are said to be useful in the decision-making process by 90% of users. The more films you have to educate and inform your clients, the stronger your foundation of trust will become. And sales are based on trust.

6. Video encourages people to share it on social media

We live in a world where viral videos are the norm. 92 percent of mobile video viewers also share their videos with others. This is your opportunity to have some fun while still demonstrating what your organization is all about.

Tweets with video receive 10 times the engagement as those without, while Promoted Tweets with videos save more than half the cost-per-engagement. Users on LinkedIn are 20 times more likely to share a video than any other type of post. After watching a personalized video on Pinterest, users believe they are 2.6 times more likely to make a buy. On Instagram, people would engage with video more than any other sort of material

7. Emotion is used in videos to increase engagement and effectiveness-

Our limbic system (the brain area that processes emotions) processes information faster than our rational brain. Our emotional brain analyses information in roughly a fifth of the time it takes our rational brain to do so. That is to say, emotional appeals get our attention first. You must attract people’s attention to stand out from the crowd for your business or organization. The goal of your video strategy should be to elicit an emotional response.

Emotions influence communication between people and influence individual mental processes in the present. According to a study, only 10% of our emotions are kept hidden or not communicated. That is, if you want people to talk about and engage with your company, appeal to their emotions. Create a film that evokes emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear/surprise, anger/disgust, and disgust/anger, and watch people connect with, engage with, purchase, and advocate for your brand, products, and services.

The possibilities for video marketing are only limited by your creativity. Numerous options are available to you, ranging from generating a how-to video to using Facebook live. Video is no longer just for major brands; everyone should be using it.


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