Tech solutions your business needs to invest in within the next 12 months (but preferably sooner)

Tech solutions

When it comes to running a business, you are constantly bombarded with marketing telling you that your business is destined to fail if you don’t invest in precisely what they have to sell you. You are, of course, likely to be cynical about some or all of this type of marketing and zone out whenever you see it.

However, despite all of the ‘noise’ from these sources, there are actually some tech solutions that will benefit your business and should not be overlooked. While not investing in them will not bring your business crashing down around your ears, they can make your life a whole lot easier.

Use the Cloud to its full potential

You might not be fully aware of what the Cloud is, but you don’t have to be to benefit from using it. You can store files online so that thay can be accessed from anywhere and so that any of your workforce who are working remotely can contribute and you are not sending files around using long and unreliable email chains.

Storing data like this can be more secure than what you already use and cheaper than having onsite servers that you have to pay out to upgrade frequently. With all of your data online, it also increases your hiring ability from just people who can commute to your office to a worldwide talent pool.

Protect your business premises

This does not mean, of course, that you can neglect your business premises entirely, especially from groups of youths loitering outside as they tend to do. While they aren’t always intent on doing harm, large groups of people can be intimidating, especially if you are the one going outside to ask them to move on and congregate elsewhere.

A simpler solution would be to use technology, like a  mosquito speaker to emit an annoying sound at a frequency only certain age groups can hear. This can mean that they are likely to move on to somewhere else and leave you in peace. Not only can this stop any potential damage to your property, but it can make anyone visiting your premises feel more comfortable.

Invest in HR software

After the challenges of the last two years, looking after your workforce is arguably more important now than it has ever been before. For that reason, having HR covered by you or one of your managers when they haven’t got anything better to do probably isn’t making the grade. You are likely to need help either to boost your own knowledge or replace it entirely.

By investing in HR software (especially if it comes packaged with a payroll solution) you can make sure you have the resources necessary to support your employees, and a reference source they can use to find the information they need for themselves rather than asking you questions you are not fully qualified to answer. This can take some of the weight from your shoulders, as well as being satisfied that your staff is getting expert advice.


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