The 4 Most In-Demand Jobs In The IT Industry

IT Industry

The IT industry is immensely developed and varied. It is also constantly evolving. As the industry evolves, certain roles within it become more valued by businesses looking to recruit efficiently. Here are the 4 most in-demand jobs in the IT industry today. 

SEO Marketers 

SEO – standing for Search Engine Optimization – is a broad term for the multifarious tactics used to tailor marketing and web content for search engine success. SEO marketers carefully research the market they are hoping to secure before drawing up a plan for improving the performance of their client’s web content. Their tactics can include the tailoring of metadata, backlinking websites, content audits, and a whole host of other methodologies. SEO marketers are in high demand because of the huge quantity of traffic that is routed through search engines every single day. Search engine success is crucial for modern businesses. 

IT Support Professionals 

The need for competent IT support professionals will never abate. IT support staff to field calls from confused office workers, maintain hardware, keep compliance and security standards high, and generally keep a business running smoothly. IT support professionals have a great deal of opportunities to advance in their careers – working in infrastructure or security. 

Third-party support provided by companies like ComputerBeing small business IT support London is often hired in instead of an in-house IT support team. These companies are veracious hiring champions for talented IT support staff. 

Data Scientists 

Business is, more than ever, reliant upon data science. Demand for data scientists rose by 29 percent in 2018 alone. The field of data science is concerned with the collection and coding of data for analysis. Modern businesses are embracing the use of big data. Big data is a term used to describe datasets that are so large and varied that they can only be analyzed with the help of algorithms. Data scientists are tasked with writing and testing these essential algorithms. As you might expect, data scientists can earn a pretty penny by offering businesses an avenue to a greater understanding of their market or competition. 

IoT Engineers 

The Internet of Things – commonly known as IoT – is one of the most important broad developments in IT. In brief, the Internet of Things is a term used to describe networked and interconnected objects. Objects within a network are connected using the internet. Networked and interconnected objects can importantly learn. They use data provided by each object in a network to improve performance. A good example often used to illustrate the Internet of Things is a smart environment control system. Everything within a network is used to improve performance: temperature sensors, data inputted by human users, windows, doors, heaters, and air conditioners. The information shared by all of the objects in a network can automate temperature controls, improve efficiency and completely tailor the environment to the humans that use it. IoT engineers are very in demand at the moment as tech companies compete to innovate in the field.


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