Why New Realtors Should Target Expired Listings


New realtors use expired real estate listings as a marketing strategy because they know they can be effective. Due to the emotional pull they provide for the possible client, it is easy to gain client interest after a failed sale. When a home fails to sell, the homeowners are discouraged, frustrated, and unsure of what to do next. Their house still didn’t sell after putting their time, effort, money, and trust in a realtor or real estate company, their home still didn’t sell. 

With all of the repairs and house changes that went to waste, homeowners who have failed to sell their homes often don’t know where to turn and end up putting off any attempt to trade without external motivation. Providing that source of outside inspiration is the job of past-due marketing cards. When these cards arrive at the doorstep of a home that failed to sell before, homeowners gain a sense of renewed hope and optimism that, perhaps, this time around, their home will sell. 

Another reason expired listing postcards persuade homeowners is that they see the cards as evidence that failed sales are not a death sentence. It tells them that realtors out there can sell their homes, even if they didn’t sell in the past. With both evidence and restored motivation, you, as the realtor, have a good chance of gaining clients in these situations. Read on to learn how you’ll gain opportunities using expired listing postcards.

1. Expired Listing Postcards Build Reputation

As a new realtor, you need a way to get your foot in the door. Most people aren’t interested in working with realtors who lack experience because they just want to get on with selling their homes. However, with expired listing postcards, individuals who have failed to sell their homes will be inclined to work with you. 

After all, if a realtor has already failed them, they won’t be easily persuaded by the usual promises that realtors advertise. By simply using expired listing postcards, you will stand out to them because you’re using the cards to offer something different. You’ll have a chance to build customer rapport by working with these specific groups of clients.

2. You Offer Specificity 

Clients who failed to sell will look at your expired listing postcards as a beacon of hope because you’ll be advertising from the position of explicitly working with homeowners in these situations. The postcards will focus on these circumstances, making you look like a specialist in this area. As a new realtor, you want your clients to trust you. They will be more inclined to reach out when they can see that you specifically offer what they need! 

Build Your Realtor Reputation 

When you create expired listing postcards that contain specificity and emotional pull, potential clients are more likely to want to work with you, regardless of how long you’ve been in real estate. They need a way out, and you need a way in. Get started with expired listing postcards and build your realtor reputation!


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