Inhalant Addiction can be More Dangerous than it seems!


Inhalant addiction has become more and more common owing to the fact that they are cheap and easily available. Inhalants are chemical substances that can produce mind-altering impacts when abused. Typically, they are volatile chemical compounds that can be inhaled for an instant “high”. Apart from the instant kick that it delivers, inhalants cause loss of inhibitions subsequently leading to lightheadedness, drowsiness, and more! 

What are the Types of Inhalants Available around Us?

There are many different types of inhalants available around us including: 

  1. Gases: These are the common gases that are used in medical aesthetics and household products of usage. 
  2. Aerosols: These are sprays containing propellants and solvents. Some common types of aerosols abused include hair sprays, spray paints, and even sprays meant for fabric protection. Owing to the fact that these are easily available, abuse happens quite easily.
  3. Nitrites: These are special inhalants that work by dilating the blood vessels and relaxing the muscles. Unlike other inhalants, they do not work by impacting the central nervous system. However, this does not mean that they are any less dangerous. 
  4. Volatile Solvents: These are liquids that vaporize at room temperature. Common examples include correction fluids, glues, paint thinners, and felt tip markers. 

Abusing inhalants is considered to be more dangerous compared to other forms of addiction because harmful effects can begin even with a single-use. This is why; treatments should be sought early on before the addiction can become deep and insidious. The moment abuse is suspected, one should ideally start looking for a good “rehab near me”. 

What do the Statistics Say?

Whereas inhalant abuse is common across all age groups, statistics laid out by the American Psychiatric Association have reported that it is actually a rare phenomenon in children who haven’t hit puberty yet. It is also not so common among older adults. Therefore, young adults and adolescents are likely to be the most impacted. Most people calling on “addiction hotline” services would either be below 14 or between 18 to 24 years of age! According to alarming facts put forth by The Foundation for a Drug Free World, about 22.9 million Americans have actually tried inhalant abuse already. 

What could be the Causes?

According to experts, the causes of inhalant addiction can be broadly classified into two. These include:

  • Genetic Causes: Inhalant abuse can be largely attributed to genetic components. If there are members in the family struggling with substance abuse-related disorders, the risks are reasonably heightened. 
  • Environmental Causes: There could be a number of environmental causes. For instance, chronic exposure to substances of abuse could be one very important factor. Other important factors include a history of abuse during childhood; adversity in terms of socioeconomic conditions can also trigger the vulnerability, resulting in substance abuse. 

Inhalant addiction can be potentially very risky. Any form of negligence can result in highly damaging results. Make sure you start looking for a North Carolina Drug Rehab facility before it is too late! Searching for the best facility that suits your requirements will also require some time.


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