Top 6 Amazing Things to Do in Cosby, TN

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Have you ever taken a trip to a new place and been amazed by the things you saw and can do in that place? Cosby, TN, is one of the places that will leave such effects on you.

Although small and quite unpopular, Cosby is a beautiful upcoming tourist destination you might want to visit to explore and witness its beauty firsthand. This beautiful and spectacular city in the Cocke and Sevier counties in Tennessee, USA, has two theories regarding the origin of its name.

According to the first theory, some believed the city derived its name from an early trapper and distiller in the area called Jonathan Cosby. In the second theory, others believed it was named after Dr. James Cozby, a friend of John Sevier and a revolutionary war veteran. It was believed that Dr. Cozby made early claims to the land along the Creek; hence the city is named after him. 

Regardless of its origin, the name “Cosby “appeared as early as 1838. This town is a unique place you’ll love to visit as many times as possible. Whether you plan to visit for the holidays or own a property here, Cosby is one place you won’t grow tired of. 

Suppose you plan to visit the city soon; this article contains some fun things to do in Cosby, TN. At the end of your trip, you’d surely be glad you made the trip to Cosby and might even consider getting a vacation home in Cosby for future visits. 

Exciting Things to Do in Cosby

1. Take a Hike on the Gabes Mountain Trail

Are you a fan of outdoor life? You’ll enjoy the 7.2 km Gabes Mountain Trail hike. The Trail is fairly challenging and begins across from the Cosby Picnic pavilion. The hike will take you through some beautiful scenes and often lasts for about two and a half hours to complete. Some of the beautiful scenes hikers enjoy include:

  • A view of the Hen Hollow falls
  • A beautiful setting of Rhododendron, Hemlock, and lots of yellow polar
  • The sight of the gorgeous Rock Creek 
  • The scene of beautiful flowering trees and wildflowers which could also serve as a canopy00

The Trail is very clear and isn’t strenuous to hike. It’s quite popular, and you’ll most likely encounter other people during your hike, so you needn’t bother about getting lost. The Gabes Mountain Trail is always beautiful and open year-round, so be sure to visit anytime you’re around to have an unforgettable experience.

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2. Share a Picnic With Family and Friends at the Cosby Picnic Area

You’ll probably think that you didn’t make the trip to Cosby just to picnic with your loved ones. But then, there’s something about picnicking at the Cosby Picnic Area that makes the experience quite different from any you have ever experienced. 

Maybe it’s due to its location which is tucked between the mountains offering picnickers a great view of it, or the lush, secluded and peaceful environment that can be the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life – the experience is just different and unique.

The huge array of picnic tables and pavilions at the picnic area is an indication that it’s one of the best things to do in Cosby, TN. In addition, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers the best to all its visitors. Undoubtedly, the Cosby picnic area is a wonderful place to picnic. 

Still, you can also utilize the opportunity to fish, hike, enjoy horseback riding, and get a view of various birds and other wildlife. You can also camp in the camping spots further in the park. The whole experience at the Cosby Picnic Area is one you’ll forever cherish.

3. Try Out Outdoors in the Smokies 

Have you been craving a bit of action, or you want to show the world that you’re a rugged badass, one of the fun things to do in Cosby, TN, is to give Outdoors in the Smokies a shot! Outdoors in the Smokies is a Veteran owned small business and one fine 2nd Amendment supporter. This facility is located at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and offers the following services:

  • Private firearms training 
  • Jeep Club destination rides
  • Seal Adventure Race Series Competitions 
  • Private Off-Road Driving Instruction 
  • E-MTB destination trails
  • Jeep Trail use
  • Primitive camping and outdoor pavilion 
  • Rustic outdoor weddings and Chapel use

4. Have a Llama Experience 

Llamas are lovely, especially if they’re tame and friendly. If you have never had the opportunity to see one up close, having a Llama experience is one of the fun things to do in Cosby, TN. All you need do is head to Smoky Mountains Llama Treks Farm. At the farm, you’ll learn all about llamas, feed them, pet them and gain the knowledge of how they live.

What’s more? If you’re an adventurous trekker, you can even take a hiking tour with a group of llamas by your side. It isn’t uncommon to see llamas carry supplies on the trails in the Smokies. With all your belongings safely strapped on the back of these docile wooly hiking buddies, exploring the beauty of the natural surroundings of Smoky Mountain’s rocky terrains just got more interesting.

5. Shop at Our Place

Your Cosby experience would not be complete if you didn’t do some Cosby, TN, shopping. If you want to do a little Cosby shopping, especially if it involves buying books, you need to check in to Our Place.

Our place is a family-run business located at Highway 321 at Cricket Hollow Road, Cosby, TN. This unique store is open at all times of the year and sells new and used books, gifts, mugs, concrete statues, souvenirs, T-shirts, and locally made items – a little bit of everything! If you’re lucky, you won’t get to miss their smooth and rich organic coffee.

6. Invest in Some Cosby Real Estate

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To round up this list, one of the best things to do in Cosby, TN, today is to invest in its real estate. Cosby may be a small city but don’t be fooled; it pulls thousands of tourists yearly. The city’s economy is greatly fuelled by the proceedings of these tourists’ visits. 

As a savvy investor, you already know that tourists love comfortable stays. For this reason, there are lots of real estate structures you can invest in to make some good money, such as vacation rental properties. Suppose you’re interested in owning a vacation or short term, visit The Short Term Shop website for available properties to see the one that best suits your preference and budget. 


Cosby is a small but beautiful town that will leave you with memories you won’t forget in a hurry. Suppose you find yourself in Cosby, Engage yourself in all the fun things listed above and others Cosby offers, 

Who knows? You might want to buy a vacation rental property just to own a piece of Cosby permanently. 


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