All you Need to Know about Medical Estheticians


You might be looking for a job change, or perhaps you are considering your career options. Does the idea of working as a medical service provider in the beauty industry appeal to you? If yes, then consider becoming a medical esthetician.  

Applying to a medical esthetician school can streamline your training. It will help you gain the skills to be professionally qualified and attain your certification. Plus, your mentors will guide you on how to launch your career. 

Read along to understand the specifics of being a medical esthetician and how you can get there.

What Exactly does a Medical Esthetician do?

Medical estheticians are trained skincare specialists. They offer counsel on skin care problems, perform plastic and laser surgeries, and provide long-term solutions to skin conditions and traumas. 

As a medical esthetician, you will be employed by hospitals, healthcare facilities, and trauma centres. You can also work in medical spas and salons or set up your own office. 

When you think of an esthetician, you might picture other similar lines of study. Here is how a medical esthetician differs from the rest.

Medical Esthetician vs. Esthetician

An esthetician is a trained professional that provides short-term skin care solutions. They focus on treatments like facials, massages, toning, and hair removal. On the other hand, a medical esthetician provides light-based procedures and chemical peels. 

An esthetician works with clients in a spa or a salon, while medically trained professionals work with patients.

Medical Esthetician vs. Dermatologist

Dermatologists are skin doctors. They diagnose skin diseases and conditions and treat the root cause, focusing on overall skin health.

In contrast, as a medical esthetician, you will offer services that improve the external appearance of your patients’ skin. You might also provide fillers and injectables along with light or invasive procedures. 

Medical Esthetician vs. Cosmetologist

While there may be a slight overlap between these two professions, an esthetician undergoes advanced training. 

A cosmetologist is not medically trained. They also provide external skin services like the application of cosmetics. However, they do not concern themselves with healthcare whatsoever. 

How can you become a Professional Medical Esthetician?

There was a 75% increase in employment in Australia’s beauty therapist sector between 2020 and 2021. So, if you plan to take this path, there is tremendous scope for growth. 

To become a medical esthetician in Australia, you must get a degree or certification from a medical esthetician school. If you have a bachelor’s degree in health sciences or cosmetology, you must take a specialised course in medical aesthetics.

You can break the process down into three steps:

  • Qualification: This step involves studying the theory about the diverse range of medical skin care procedures and giving the exams. You graduate once you receive your certification. 
  • Practical Experience: Before starting your job, you will have to undergo training for the same. This step is when you put your theory to practical use.
  • Working: As a medical esthetician, you can find a job in an institution or start your own clinic. Your clinic can grow in fame if you become well-known for even one of your treatments. 

To Sum Up

Medical aesthetics is a stellar career path. It allows you to work medically in the beauty industry without undergoing years of detailed studies. Once you join a medical esthetician school, you can become certified within a few months. 

So, whether you are switching lanes or just starting your career, a medical esthetician is a secure and prosperous option. Start your research today and apply for this dream job!


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