The most sacred place in any home for an individual is their bathroom. It is a place that gives them privacy and some alone time after a long day of work. They can have a nice long bath to unwind, followed by skincare and a self-care routine to pamper themselves by applying their skin and hair products in front of the sink. The organisation is efficient with the help of affordable or cheap bathroom vanity available online. Many online platforms offer a large variety of discount products for their loyal customer base.

Several criteria apply to purchasing this storage unit for the bathroom. First-time homeowners might need clarification about investing in the ideal storage shelf and bathroom sink to keep the setup both aesthetic and functional. Once they purchase, the next time they change the vanity storage is after a few years. Hence, this article will state the necessary steps to take while shortlisting the vanities on trustworthy websites since it is a long-term investment.  

Criteria to consider while investing in an affordable or cheap bathroom vanity

Many thoughts race through the mind of an individual trying to buy a good-quality vanity for their bathroom at a reasonable or discounted price. There are two primary categories of these vanities in the market; free-standing and wall-mounted. 

New shoppers can get confused with the plethora of options available online. They can ease their search by adding the following criteria to their checklist that will help them save time and effort:

  • Plumbing type and location: Different types of plumbing system designs are implemented in various homes, depending on factors like the size and spatial constraints of the apartment/bungalow. The most common system is where the plumbing pipes are present underneath the sink, while the other designs have it inside the wall. The vanity can be selected according to the plumbing type. If the sink has sufficient space underneath and the plumbing is visible, a storage unit can be used to cover the pipes. The wall-mount types of vanities can house over the sink for homes with encased plumbing. They come with a mirror attached, giving them extra use.
  • The functionality and storage: Every bathroom sink in each home is unique to the owner. Some people have single countertop sinks, while couples living together prefer to have a large slab of marble connecting two sinks. The vanities are an addition to these customisable designs. Individuals who want to store their skin care products next to the sink require a vanity with storage cubicles. They can purchase a ceramic basin top with a double-drawer vanity. If the owner wishes to store only cleaning products underneath the sink in a hidden space, they can invest in a free-standing mini vanity with closing doors having ample space. The cleaning products will fit in the storage unit and stay hidden from direct view.
  • Cost and lifespan: The average price of good-quality affordable/ cheap bathroom vanity is around $400. Many online stores sell these organisation units, like shelves and drawers with sink countertops, at a reasonable price. They are frequently offered at discounted prices for their loyal customer base. The mini vanities and sinks cost around $399, while huge cabinets and related sets cost between $540 to $700. Customers can set a budget to decide the maximum they wish to spend on the product and look at top brands to reap benefits. The lifespan of a sturdy vanity set is a minimum of five years, while top-quality ones can last fifteen years.


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