7 Best Beach Clubs in Bali to party like there is no tomorrow!

7 Best Beach Clubs in Bali to party like there is no tomorrow
7 Best Beach Clubs in Bali to party like there is no tomorrow

Bali is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the whole world. Not only is it home to natural hubs and picturesque islands, but also has a vibrant culture and nightlife. The nightlife hubs of Bali are Kuta and Seminyak. These being the coastal regions, you can imagine the number of bustling beaches which are thronged by tourists. The very same beaches serve as great party zones if you are a lover of nightlife. High end or local beach clubs are aplenty in Bali and you will never get tired of hopping from one Beach Club to another. Here is a list of the 7 Best Beach Clubs that you can look forward to visiting in Bali.

Sundays Beach Club – Uluwatu

Pristine white sand and turquoise blue waters. Is there a more perfect setting than this for a beach club? Sundays Beach Club in beautiful Uluwatu is the ideal place to head to if you prefer a bit of food, water sports and laid back time with your pals. The perfect place for a sundowner, Sundays Beach Club invites you to enjoy the barbecued food and tropical drinks. The Beach Club also offers gourmet menu options for health-conscious tourists. For the cherry on top, you can also spend the evening in front of a bonfire.


Potato Head Beach Club – Seminyak

This is one of the Best Beach Clubs to visit in Seminyak. The parties here are crazy and you can drink like there is no tomorrow! The scrumptious food and Balinese cocktails will make you want to stay here forever. Sunset shows are common in the club so make sure you reserve the best seat possible to witness the performances by international DJs. During peak seasons, special shows are also curated by Potato Head Beach Club. If you are a hardcore party-lover, keep your eyes and ears open to come across any such events.


Finns Beach Club – Canggu

The famous Berawa Beach in Canggu is a typical Beach Club. You should visit this club for a blissful day of basking under the sun and ending the day with the bang at the parties which are organised at the club. The delicious food and tropical drinks which are offered at the Beach Club will satisfy everyone alike. You can look forward to a wholesome package of a day at the beach followed by a night at the club with your loved ones. Dancing the night away under the starlit night is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on when in Bali.

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OMNIA Dayclub – Uluwatu

This is an elegant Beach Club for those who prefer an elite atmosphere. The lounge spots in OMNIA Dayclub is one of the best among the lot in Uluwatu. The architecture and cocktails which are served to you will leave you in awe of the beach club. Award-winning DJs and mouth-watering cuisine await you at this Beach Club. The OMNIA Dayclub also offers splendid views of the islands due to the location at which it is set. You should definitely add this as a must-visit place in your list of Best Beach Clubs in Bali.


Manarai Beach House – Nusa Dua

It is undoubtedly one of the most scenic Beach Clubs to visit in Bali. You will be able to witness the aqua blue ocean in front of you and also splash away in the swimming pools of the Beach Club. Get ready to gorge on all types of delicious international cuisines at Manarai Beach House in Nusa Dua. Not only will you be able to experience a day at the beach, but also have the luxury of spending time in a beach resort-like location. All this in addition to shaking a leg to the music of some of the best DJs in town.

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Sundara Beach Club – Jimbaran

This graceful Beach Club can be visited even if you are travelling with your family. Although not the ultimate party place, it definitely does justice if you would like to spend some fun time in the company of your loved ones. Sit back and enjoy the view of Jimbaran Bay while sipping on your cocktail and savouring an international dish off the menu. The five-star service of this Beach Club will redefine luxury for you, so make sure you pay a visit to Sundara Beach Club in Jimbaran.

Ibiza in Bali  –  Jimbaran

Yes, you read that right! Although the crazy party island of Ibiza is located off the coast of Spain, you can look forward to a somewhat similar experience at Ibiza in Bali if not the same. The Mediterranean cuisine that you can savour at this Beach Club is scrumptious as you get to taste different types of European treats ranging from Balearic snacks to staples of the Spanish cuisine. Take a dip in the jacuzzi of Ibiza in Bali and witness the breathtaking views of Jimbaran Bay unfold in front of you.

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So now that you have a list of the 7 best beach clubs to visit in Bali, why not plan a visit to at least one of them if not for all. To help you with planning your Bali trip packages, you can take the guidance of Pickyourtrail. Not only will you be able to customise your own itinerary but also look forward to receiving on-trip support to ensure that you have a hassle-free vacation. Start planning your beach getaway to Bali today!







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