Why WEBP Image Format Is Leading The Other Image Formats Such As JPG And PNG

Why WEBP Image Format Is Leading The Other Image Formats Such As JPG And PNG
Why WEBP Image Format Is Leading The Other Image Formats Such As JPG And PNG

Images are an indispensable part of a webpage/pages that make your web page more attractive and informative. These serve as one of the key tool for web designers that aid them to do their job in a better way and make their work more appreciable. The use of images along with the text can add more weight to the content and aid significantly in attracting more number of visitors. In fact, it is hard to imagine a web page or a website in the absence of images.  

When we talk about online marketing then also images have a very important role to play. The use of images along with high-quality content is highly crucial and can not be avoided in order to accomplish result-oriented marketing strategies. Hence, professional digital marketers also leverage the images to their fullest while creating their marketing strategies. 

Looking at these reasons, the internet is overflowed with images no matter what the domain is. However, in addition to incorporating a number of advantages, they are also responsible to degrade the loading time of your webpage at the same time. To fight with the issue Google created a new image format known as webp in 2010. The main purpose of Google behind developing this image format was to facilitate a single image format capable of dealing with almost all kinds of use cases. 

Webp utilizes a more optimized compression algorithm as compared to jpg and png and significantly reduces the size of image files without having much impact on the quality. The extension of webp images is .webp and the format is generally utilized in websites and blogs. A webp image format supports two kinds of compressions – lossless and lossy. Lossless means an image can be up to 26% less in size as compared to png images without losing its quality and lossy means the picture size can be from 25% to 34% less as compared to jpeg images however it has some impact on the quality of the image as well.


There are a number of significant benefits of utilizing webp images on websites or web pages. Few of them can be seen as under

  1. It incredibly fastens the loading speed of the site. 
  2. It occupies relatively less space in the hosting server as compared to jpg and png files.
  3. Webp enables you to generate high-quality animations with vibrant colors and transparencies. 
  4. The use of webp format enhances the overall user-experience.
  5. The heightened loading speed of the site provided by webp also aids in improving the search rankings of your website on Google. 
  6. Webp format merges the different advantages of other file formats such as jpg, png, and gif altogether.
  7. The file format is extremely helpful when users have low bandwidth and slow connection speeds and your website is flooded with a hell lot of images. 


You can convert your desired image into a webp image by using the following steps :

  1. Go to google and open the website zamzar.com.
  2. Click on Add File and upload the picture from your local computer that you wish to transform.
  3. Now, open Choose Format dropdown and select webp
  4. Click on Convert Now.
  5. The image has been successfully converted to webp format and you can download the image to your local computer by clicking the download button.

Hope the above-mentioned steps will aid you to convert your existing image into webp format. However, if this method is not working for you, there are several other online tools such as Squoosh, Online-Convert.com that can aid you to accomplish the task.


Webp is an excellent image format that web designers as well as developers can take advantage of and not leveraging this impressive image format can be the biggest mistake committed by them. Utilizing bigger size images can prove to be a blunder in the long run as it can completely ruin your SEO as well as conversion rates. Webp, in this scenario, is serving as an extraordinary replacement for other file formats such as jpeg, png, and gif. The only drawback associated with webp image format is – the image format is not yet compatible with 100% of the web browsers used all over the world however almost 70% of the web browsers utilized across the globe are supporting this file format which is a good ratio to carry on with this image format.

Hence, if you want to create excellent, high-quality images to aid your content or business and in need of professional graphic designers or want to develop superb web pages by incorporating outstanding images, you can get in touch with our team anytime. Our team is always happy to assist you!


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