Easy Ways to Get Rid Of Cough

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Cough and cold is a thing that can happen anytime of the year and this mainly occurs during the change of seasons. From children to adult, anyone can suffer from constant coughs which can be really irritating.

Having Torex syrup can give one some relief from this constant cough as it releases the mucus. There are some other ways of getting relief from the cough as well. These are a few home remedies which one can try:

Turmeric Milk

When there is irritation from the cough happening, one can drink a glass of milk with half a tea spoon of turmeric twice on a regular basis. This can clear the throat very well and help to reduce the cough. There are some stubborn cough symptoms and for that one can also add a bit of garlic in this mixture. One just has to boil a clove of garlic with milk and then add a bit of turmeric in it. It is a perfect cough treatment as it soothes the throat properly. One can also add ginger instead of garlic because both of them work effectively. One can also gargle with turmeric water twice a day to get relief from this constant coughing. This works because turmeric contains an active agent which is known as curcumin and it has a strong anti bacterial and anti bacterial agents. This can treat infections well and relieve the congestion.

Giloy Juice

When one is suffering from chronic cough then they can have 2 table spoons of Giloy juice with water every day morning till they get relief. This can help one to build the immunity and bring the balance in three doshas (Pita, Vatta and Kapha). This also acts as an anti allergic and treats the cough that is caused because of some allergic reactions like pollen and pollution.

Honey, Mulethi and Cinnamon

One can prepare a mix of mulethi powder, honey and cinnamon (one fourth tea spoon of each) with water and have it at least 2 times on a daily basis so that it can work wonders. Honey has a lot of anti inflammatory properties and so a lot of cough suppressants have them.

 Black Pepper

This is the simplest home remedy when one has productive cough. One has to mix half tea spoon of black pepper with some desi ghee and have it when they have full stomach. The heating quality here can help in clearing the congestion. One needs to have this concoction at least 3 times a day to get the best results.

Pomegranate Juice (for Kids)

Yes, this juice can be a great remedy when a kid is suffering from cough and cold. One has to take half a cup of pomegranate juice and add a bit of ginger powder to it. This can have an effect on the throat because ginger works as a heating action. This fruit also has Vitamin A and C which can boost immunity.

 One can also look for the best Ayurvedic cough syrup like Torex to get relief from cough.


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