Get a new shower cubicle in your small bathroom in UK


You should make use of the different patterns of the new shower cubicle in your bathroom if you are planning a small bathroom renovation. These corner baths or shower cubicles provide substantial value and certain other benefits. These are ideally suited for small bathrooms and can adapt some high-end models. There are simple cubicles and high-end cubicles with many other features and sauna facilities.

Various types of Shower Cubicles

Basic: if you are good at negotiating, you can buy the shower tray alone for a round GBP75. Instead of buying and fastening expensive enclosure, you can try to find a cubicle that has a deep lip. This some screens can make a fantastic enclosure in your bathroom.    

Kits and units: The cubicle kits sold in different stores are affordable too. They can be fitted with shower trays and enclosure for a discounted rate. You would need a GBP500 to pay for a nice kit. They do not need this if you are planning to design an open-air shower area. 

Luxury: these are huge bathrooms that offer a truly relaxing experience with all the features such as saunas, steam options, showerheads,. You will expect them to cost around GBP1500 or more in small sizes. You will need plumbing and cabling standards for these types of cubicles.

Advantages of Shower Cubicles

In the restrooms, everybody needs privacy. People use various types of bathroom enclosures to enjoy the bathroom and relax. Some people use shower enclosures, while some use glass shower enclosures. The glass enclosures are useful because you can add a lot of fittings, especially if you want to have a spa. It is also possible to install water jets, waterproof devices, for good body massage, etc. In your own bathroom, you can even enjoy a steam bath with new shower cubicles. 

Moisture lock. 

The water and moisture did not spread in your bathroom by the cubicles. Therefore, moisture is not in contact with other areas of your bathroom. With this effect, there would not be much slippery surface and it can minimize risks with fungus and tilt. 


In addition to the wonderful bathing experience, the new shower cubicle provides beauty in your bathroom. It improves the overall look and adds a touch of sophisticated expertise.


Because these are built in a specific place, have plenty of room. These units are designed particularly for small bathrooms to save space. But it can also use them for larger bathrooms with additional features. An offset shower enclosure can be a good option for the small bathroom, but if you want to get a sliding shower door with it, it would need the more space.     


Since the water and humidity are stored inside the cubicles, it’s easy to clean your bathroom. You will not have to deal with mould problems or damp bathrooms separately. 

Today, it is absolutely no problem to have a new shower cubicle in a small bathroom because you can use all these special features and turn your bathroom into a luxurious space for a complete relaxation experience. While talking specifically about the UK market, the Royal bathrooms are offering a considerable range of enclosures for your bathrooms. Different styles, structures, and price ranges have catered to all the needs. Likewise, the company is much celebrated for its after-sale services, including free home delivery and warranty. Get your order now!


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