How to Keep Your Product Safe with Custom Sleeve Box?

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So you have witnessed your first online sales, congrats! It’s a great day for your business. You probably have chosen a delivery company to ship your product to the first customer. But did you really think through this? Did you pay heed to your packaging solution? 

I am pretty sure you will be scratching your head right now. 

That’s because the center attraction for most entrepreneurs is their product. They are so possessed with it that they fail to focus on anything else. However, the packaging is an integral part of the process because it protects the most important thing in the world — your product. 

But it’s not just about protecting your product.  

Today, the demands and needs of online customers are rapidly changing, and delivering an unmatched shopping experience goes way beyond your precious product. Your packaging must transcend and provide the best experience to the end-user. 

If you have got to this point where you are mulling your options to ensure your ideal customers get their online orders in optimal condition, you are certainly on the right path. This is a primary concern for online stores as they have to ship products daily. Packaging your work in an exquisite and sturdy custom sleeve box will allow you to have happy and recurring clients. After all, solely focusing on sale generation isn’t going to help your business. 

The goal can be achieved if you engage a specialist packaging company in the United States. The Legacy Printing is the first name that strikes the mind when one talks about custom packaging sleeves. Yet, you will need some essential tips to maximize product protection. 

Weight and Dimensions of the Packaging

When designing sleeve boxes for your products, make sure to keep the exact dimensions of the packages in mind. Else, you will never be able to create the boxes that perfectly snug your products. And if it happens then, your product is highly likely to get damaged during the transit. 

Try to create a custom sleeve box that’s slightly bigger than your product. This will give you the opportunity to add some sort of protection on the sides, such as inserts or cushioning materials. 

Sustainable Custom Sleeve Box

Thinking about offering more value to your customers? Consider embracing greener custom packaging sleeves. Why? Well, a high percentage of the boxes will end up in the trash and eventually find their way to the landfills. To cut your carbon footprint and leave a profound impact on customers, you should make the most of this opportunity by embracing recycled materials, such as cardboard. 

Using greener packaging materials will create a positive impression on the customers and allow you to attract environmentally conscious buyers.  

Test Your Sleeve Box Packaging 

Be sure to test how sturdy is your sleeve box. There are two ways to do this: create damage or record various types of impacts. Gauge how much protection your packaging needs.   

Use High-Quality Materials

Pay heed to the type of packaging materials you use. Mind you, “cheap is expensive” because it increases your damages and returns costs. Once you are sure you have sourced the best material, it’s time to see whether it’s worth the investment, or you should think of another material. Following are the checks you need to perform to analyze the effectiveness of your custom packaging sleeves:Shake your packaging box to make sure the encase products do not move. Remember, your sleeve boxes can make a whole lot of difference because when your customers are pleased with the offerings, they will be more inclined to buy from you.


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