Cheap Ways to Swap the Old Look Of Your Living Room

The living room is the most important part of the house; it often works as a multi-purpose room. From enjoying your favorite TV shows to crashing on your sofa after a hard day, a living room can serve as both bedroom and dining room. A living room should be a comfortable place that you should not show off to your guests proudly but also enjoy lovable moments with your family.

If you are not having a feeling of spending more time in your living room, then my dear, it is the time to swap the old and dull look of your living room. Here, I have shared some DIY and cheap ideas to give a refreshing look to your living room.

Work on windows

What is the only thing about your living room that can be seen from both inside and outside? It is a window; windows not only protect your house from the sights of outsiders but also play an important role in the overall look of the house. One of the cheap and easy upgrades that you can make in the interior of your living room is to paint the old trim of your window and replace the old glass sheets with acrylic ones. Unlike glass sheets, acrylic ones are not only more reliable but also more robust and durable.

Change old doorknobs

It is nowhere written that you can only big changes in the interior of your house. Sometimes a small change can create a very big influence on the overall result. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough money to replace your old door. The last thing that you can do with your old door is to replace your old doorknob.

Use more throw pillows.

One of the easiest and cheap ways of upgrading the old and boring look of your living room is to play with colors. Throw pillows are the trendiest look that comes up with no-longer commitment. From various sizes range to amazing color combinations, you can get lots of exciting options. For example, use solid colors and pattern & texture throw pillows for your solid color furniture. You can create an eye-catching and cozy pillow arrangement on the sofa and on the floor with pillows of different sizes.

Statement wall works well

What do you think is it enough to décor your living room with throw pillows and change doorknobs? No, it is not, and it never will be. To give an attractive look to your living room, create a statement wall. You can do this in different ways, such as

  • Cover one wall with texture painting or wallpaper
  • Use art and craft on one wall
  • Hang your family and friend photos
  • Use a large mirror on one wall
  • Hang inspirational quotes on the wall

Control pests

No one will appreciate your cozy pillow arrangement on the floor and replacing of old doorknobs if there are roaches in your house. If you want to deliver a hygienic image of your living room, then control prevailing species of roaches with the best cockroach gel. Advion cockroach gel bait is considered as the best pest control Dubai cockroach gel that targets all toughest infestation of roaches. Advion cockroach gel Souq is the combination of a high-bait matrix with the bio-active non-repellent ingredient. You can order this Advion cockroach gel Sharjah online from Easyshopping at a reasonable price rate.

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