How To Throw The Best Surprise Party For Your Loved Ones


Surprising our loved ones on their special day is one of the best things we can do, especially when they just go about their day like any other. Everyone has a special day like birthday, graduation day, and farewell party. And some special occasions can be shared like Valentine’s day, engagement, wedding, and anniversary. Be it any other day, and you can surprise your loved ones by gifting them a scrumptious gift. You can avail the services of online cake delivery in Ranchi and surprise them at the ding of the doorbell. 

If you too are looking to make a banger surprise party for your loved ones, search no more as we share how you can throw the best party for your loved ones. 

You may not be in the same city with your loved ones to share these joyful moments, but you can organise for your gifts surprises to be delivered in any location in India. You can also arrange the delivery for the surprise gifts to the place your loved ones are, be it at the office or at a restaurant a surprise is just what it is.  

Cake Surprise

Cakes are the mortar for all events and occasions, and they bring out the love and happiness in everyone. A party without a cake will be one weird gathering since events and celebrations are well known for the cake cutting time. If you are planning to have a surprise party or just a surprise gift, you must consider having a scrumptious cake. Cakes are available in a myriad of sizes, shapes, flavours, and designs, and you can also customise the cake to suit your loved one’s preferences. 


If the person or people you want to surprise usually go out for work or are coming home for the first time in a long time. You can make home surprise decorations with balloons, sparkles, and coloured paper, in their home and wait for them to come inside. This you will need a bit of assistance to get the decorations in place within a short time frame. When they step inside – you shout out loud “surprise!”. Or you can blindfold them or lie that there is an electrical problem to keep them from suspecting.  

Gift Surprise

There is actually no limit to the number of items anyone can gift their loved ones. You too can surprise your loved ones varieties of gifts to make the best impressions. It’s wise to find gifts that your loved ones really like so that they will get the most happiness from the present. You can also consider finding gifts that are practical and durable, so for months or years to come, the gift will make their lives easy. Depending on the gender, you can consider giving them a grooming kit, cosmetic set, cosmetic bag, wallet, travel bag, and personalised photo frame to mention but a few. You can investigate a bit about the things they like so that you hit the bull’s eye.

A bunch of flowers

Flowers really go with just any kind of gift be it a cake or any other item. And there are varieties of flowers with different sizes, colours, and fragrances. You can take your pick from the comprehensive flower family to find one that contrasts with your gift or theme. You can also incorporate flowers in the decorations too. To help you find the ideal flowers that fit your gifting, you can ask any florist on the best options. You can also have the flowers delivered in an artistic and beautiful arrangement, or have them wrapped in matching wrapping paper and ribbon. 

Sweet treats

In India, sweets are a standard gift like cakes and flowers on any event or occasion. So to complete your ultimate surprise party, it is important to have sweet treats for your loved ones. There are varieties of sweets from which you can take your pick such as Ferrero Roche, Cadbury, Kisses, 5-Star, Kit Kat. You can also have customised chocolates to melt their hearts. You can surprise them with a choco box, with compartments that unfold when a box layer is removed. Or you can go with a heart-shaped treat tin which can be used for storing important items in the future.


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