Self-care Tips for Healthy Feet

Healthy Feet

It’s summertime and naturally, the best time to show off your well-groomed feet in a thong, strappy sandals, pumps, flats, or espadrilles. You have the whole three seasons to prepare. But whatever shoes you decide to wear, foot care is basic and essential. Shoes speak louder than words, and while women shoes can highlight your feet, well-appointed tootsies always get the attention. 

So, here are the foot essentials to remember:

  1. Foot cream

Slather your feet with moisturizer at night. Let your feet steep in the moisture-holding action of moisturizers. If you have extra dry or scaly feet, look for a deeply rich moisturizer cream. Or you may use petroleum jelly. If you fancy wearing socks over your creamed feet, you may do so. Just remember to change socks every night.

  1. Nail polish

Dark-coloured nail polish stains your nails if left on for weeks. Let your nails breathe in between pedicures. Gel polishes that are dried under curing lamps expose you to UV light which may cause cellular damage, aging, and the risk of skin cancer. Use these products with caution. Beautiful feet should not cause a health risk. Also, do not hide nail discolouration. Nails can give signs of overall health. Consult your doctor to see the underlying cause of discolouration or rough texture.

  1. Calluses

Calluses are thickened skin which is caused by friction and pressure due to wearing too tight or loose shoes. Ill-fitting socks also cause friction on your feet. Do not attempt to shave the thickened skin to avoid causing a break on your skin and infection. One way to treat this is by soaking your feet in warm soapy water and gently rub the callused skin with a pumice stone in one direction to avoid breaking the skin. Then apply foot cream overnight.

  1. Shoe fitting

It is proven that people have one larger foot than the other. Always fit shoes using the larger foot. Perfectly fit shoes are critical. Do not attempt to buy a pair of shoes just because it looks good. It could be, on another girl’s feet. But you have to check if it does on yours. If the shoe fits, wear it.

  1. Cutting and filing nails

As part of good foot maintenance, regularly cut nails. It is best to keep nails short. Always cut nails straight across to prevent ingrown toenails. And gently file your trimmed nails, using emery boards, to a slightly rounded corner. Remember to file only in one direction and avoid running the board back and forth. This weakens the nails.

  1. Avoid walking barefoot 

This is to avoid development of calluses. Wear flip flops in pools or thongs in public places to avoid the risk of fungus infections, cuts and other foot injuries. There are plenty of kinds and styles of women shoes that you can wear to fit the occasion, activity and location. Choose the right shoes to avoid injuries.

  1. Special foot care 

For people with special needs like diabetics, it is recommended that they consult their doctor for proper foot care. Diabetics suffer from reduced blood flow in their extremities, particularly, their legs leading to foot problems. If you feel If you feel pain or numbness in your feet, or observed cuts and sores which do not heal, consult your doctor immediately.

Shoes complete a look but don’t go after what’s trending. Rather, go for the shoes that fit you well and the occasion. As Helena Rubenstein said: “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” And that, you cannot hide. 


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