Grow Your Business With Twitter


Do you want to attract more traffic to your website from the Twitter platform, generate more leads, or wish to increase your Twitter followers?

That’s a great idea to grow your business!

Because Twitter is an ideal way to promote your brand and grow your business in all aspects if you know the proper ways to use it.

So what can you do to add to your target audience’s experience online rather than being a disruption? And how can you boost your service or product in a way that motivates people to buy?

Read further to learn more about this.

Build Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Your Twitter marketing strategy is your base for success. It focuses on the content you create and publish to engage your followers.

The content you create should be in a way that it must attract new followers, attract new leads, enhance conversions, and boost brand recognition.

If you don’t want to focus on the marketing area of your Business, you could outsource this task to an expert Social media marketer specialized in the Twitter platform.

To reach out to the experts, you can directly send an email to them. For their email address, you can refer to their social handles, websites or use email hunter tools such as

Now, let us look further into the ways you can engage your audience with your posts.

Run a Twitter Poll

Unlike other social media, Twitter doesn’t have many creative choices for engagement except Twitter polls; As you know, the Twitter platform is pretty concentrated on conversations such as replies and mentions.

Twitter polls let you post questions with four answers as options to choose from; This is a great way to engage your audience as it is fun and straightforward. And the common thing people love to do on Twitter is express their strong opinions about minor or major topics.

Use Visual Elements

There is an adage in many languages that states,” A picture is worth a thousand words.” With Twitter having a limit of 280 characters for a Tweet, you can use visual assets to help you communicate more and better with each of your tweets.

You can use an infographic or a chart to complement an informative tweet. Likewise, you can use videos (visual elements) to grab your target market’s attention for product launches or campaigns.

According to Hootsuite, Tweets with pictures/images get up to three times more engagement, and tweets with videos receive more than ten times engagement.

Therefore you may prefer including images and videos in your tweets to improve engagement.

Besides this, GIF also increases the engagement rate above fifty percentage, according to the Hootsuite.

The best part is that these visual elements don’t count towards the 280 character limit.

Optimize Your Video for Mobile Device

Twitter reports that nearly ninety-three percent of video viewers watch the videos using a handheld device; hence you must ensure that your videos are well optimized for mobile devices.

Learn to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a significant feature available on every social media platform. However, did you know that they were born on Twitter?

Hashtags continue to be an invaluable tool to uplift your discoverability on the platform.

Therefore, when you are well versed in using hashtags, you would make your content more impactful and help you reach new audiences that fall under your target market.

Final Thoughts

To leverage the power of Twiter for your Business with a successful strategy, you can follow the steps discussed in this article.


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