The Kratom Diaries: All About Herbal Love and More


How did you feel when you took kratom for the first time? How long did the effect last? Did you take more? It would be interesting to jot down your first experience with this Southeast Asian herb. 

Keeping kratom diaries

Kratom lovers do fascinating things when it comes to this herb. They not only consume it in creative ways but also keep a diary depicting their kratom days! 

Isn’t this intriguing? 

You note the day and time when your first kratom order arrived at your doorstep. As you opened the pack of White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules, you feel elated already. Finally, you are holding in your hands one of the hottest herbs in America! 

This herb has floored almost everybody (not the DEA though!) through its beautiful effects on the mind and the body. 

So, when you popped your first kratom capsule and waited eagerly for the alkaloids to reach your brain your excitement seemed endless. 

And then came the effects. 

You began to feel a kind of euphoria enveloping you. The tension and stiffness in your muscles gave way to relaxation. You felt like doing something productive, not the usual lethargy. You felt motivated. Your energy came back! 

What was happening? 

You began to feel good, about yourself and your surroundings. Your usual stressed-out self was no longer there! 

And what’s this? You could think clearly. Suddenly, you got a few answers to questions that were ruffling your mind for days. Well, this happened because of increased mental sharpness. Kratom for energy does that. 

Was this for real? 

As you wrote down all the “magical” effects, you had to pinch yourselves to believe this was true! 

Noting the intensity of effects and tolerance level 

As you keep kratom diaries, it is important that you note the intensity of effects. Suppose, you felt highly energetic when you took 1 gram of kratom powder the first time. The dose was perfect for you. 

You took it daily for a week. Then you realized you weren’t getting that energetic with one gram. So you increased it to 2 grams. 

This means you developed a tolerance for one gram. Now you must take double the dose to get the same effect. 

Experts warn of developing tolerance. That’s why they suggest taking a break from kratom in between. 

So, instead of taking it regularly for a week, you could have taken it for 2-3 days consecutively and went kratom free and then took it again. 

Don’t forget to write your trials and errors. 

Note down the vendor

Getting a licensed vendor is the ultimate thing to happen when buying kratom. Mind you, the market is dotted with fake ones. So be careful. Search for “kratom near me” and contact certified vendors. 

Why keep a diary? 

Well, it’s fun that’s why! Moreover, this isn’t a personal diary, so you can lend it to somebody who is taking the herb for the first time. Your diary can serve as a guide!

Kratom in Maine is available in various forms and strains. Try different strains and products. Make your diary the saga of herbal love and its effects!


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