Don’t Like Organic Chemistry? Here’s How You Can Prepare It For GAMSAT

Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

The chemistry that comes in GAMSAT exams is different. In GAMSAT, the multiple-choice questions expect you to apply the concepts in problems. You have to get a passage of information and conditions, and you have you solve five or so questions according to this passage.

If you are not interested in a subject, you have to take more time to study it. You can make sure that you are preparing it with a technique. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare organic chemistry for GAMSAT.

Avoid In-Depth Study

To solve the GAMSAT questions, you do not have to know the dates and names of scientists. The GAMSAT only tests your concepts. Just clear your conceptions of organic chemistry and make sure that you can apply these concepts to problems. 

It is crucial to get good grades in the third section because many universities judge the student on its basis. You can perfect the other two subjects, biology and physics, to score well in section three. Study the Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry in the big picture and apply their questions.

Invest in Practice Books

Practice books are the one resource that you should invest money in. You can buy an organic chemistry practice book to prepare comprehensive questions and revise them. You have to start practicing these questions at least two months before the GAMSAT.

You have to practice these questions regularly to make your mind understand these concepts and develop a mindset for organic chemistry. If you practice a subject enough, you start understanding it. When you apprehend an area, you may start liking it too.


Buy a book that helps you practice GAMSAT-style multiple-choice questions. There is a difference in theoretical concepts and problem-solving questions in the GAMSAT. If you want to score good marks in organic chemistry, you should practice GAMSAT-style multiple-choice questions.

These frequent practices will build your aptitude for these questions, and you will be able to solve them naturally in the examination hall. Choose a practice book that helps you prepare a subject from the introduction to the application level. You will be able to improve your knowledge only through these questions.

Join Study Groups

If you are struggling with organic chemistry and cannot understand a few topics, you must assemble a study group. Search for friends and people preparing GAMSAT and make them join a group. You can schedule weekly study sessions to study organic chemistry together.

A person with a fair perception of a topic can explain it to their peers. You all can help others with their weak subjects and overcome your weaknesses with others’ help. This system can help all the students in the group, and you do not have to pay for any class.

Learn to Solve Under Time Pressure 

You have to practice your question-solving skills within a time frame. Develop a strategy for solving 75 questions in 150 mins and divide time and subject according to your comfort. You have to practice solving all the questions in time to make the actual exam day easier for you. 

Your speed has to match the time frame of the exam to achieve maximum marks.


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