4 ways that to Convert a Microsoft Word Document to PDF

word document
word document

Why convert to PDF?

There square measure varied reasons why you would possibly wish your Word document to be a pdf file. There square measure usually incompatibilities between versions of Microsoft Word which will wash up your careful data formatting. additionally, not everybody has Microsoft Word, however nearly everybody has access to viewing a pdf.

PDFs square measure Associate in Nursing business normal, therefore however a pdf appearance on one pc can modification little or no from however it’s on another pc. This makes PDFs nice for rigorously ordered out documents like resumes and style specifications.

These square measure some of the numerous reasons you would possibly need a PDF file rather than a Word document. Rest assured, changing a Word doc to a PDF is super easywith sodapdf.com!

There are two ways to this:

If you have got access to Microsoft word, follow the directions marked, “If you have got Microsoft Word…”

If you do not have access to the current package or if the file isn’t compatible together with your version of Word, you will need to skip right down to the third method.

Method 1: If you have got Microsoft Word…

If you have got Microsoft Word, changing a Word document to pdf to jpg is simple! this could be achieved by victimisation Word to open the document you are eager to convert. First, analyse your document to form certain the data formatting is however you would like it to be.

Step 1: Click “File” within the higher left-hand corner.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Save as” button and click on it.

Step 3: choose the directory you’d prefer to save to.

Step 4: below the file name, choose the file kind dropdown box. The default ought to be one thing like Word Document (*.docx).

Step 5: within the dropdown menu, choose PDF (*.pdf) and hit save.

After finishing these steps, you’ll realize a pdf version of your Word Document saved within the directory you chose.

Method 2: If you have got Microsoft Word

If the primary methodology does not work, this is often otherwise you’ll be able to attempt to flip a Word doc into a pdf. rather than saving as a pdf, during this methodology, we are going to be printing to a pdf. don’t fret, this does not truly print something out of your printer!

Step 1: Click “File” within the higher left-hand corner.

Step 2: choose “Print.”

Step 3: within the box that pops up, choose your printer so as to access the Printer dropdown menu.

Step 4: within the dropdown menu, choose “Microsoft Print to PDF.”

Step 5: within the box that pops up, choose the directory you’d like your document to print to, name your file, and click on save.

Voila! you’ve got simply written your file to a PDF. move to the directory you’ve got written to and you will realize your file waiting there for you!

Method 3: Google Documents

This methodology takes advantage of Google Documents to convert your file. This methodology might not preserve your data formatting, however it’ll add a pinch and is super secure!

Step 1: whereas logged into your Google account, navigate to

Step 2: within the middle of the page, on the right-hand aspect, choose the folder. (The hover text on the folder can say “Open file picker.”

Step 3: within the box that pops up, click the button that says “select a file from your device.”

Step 4: Fix any data formatting and font problems which will occur from the .doc being incompatible with Google Docs so your file seems however you would like it to.

Step 5: Navigate to the directory wherever your Word file is saved, select it, and click on open. Your Word file can then open in Google Docs.

Step 6: within the higher left-hand corner, choose File. Then choose transfer. Finally, choose PDF Document (.pdf)

After you complete the on top of steps, a .pdf version of your Google Docs file are going to be saved to your pc.

Method 4: File Conversion Websites

If you are doing not have Microsoft Word or don’t have a version that’s compatible with the file that you are operating with, this methodology can get the task done.

This methodology takes advantage of internet sites that convert Word docs to PDF, therefore do keep your own privacy in mind. as an example, if you are changing a business contract, {you may|you’ll|you can} wish to avoid this methodology as you can not guarantee what a web site will do together with your file. If it is a newspaper, you must be fine.

To find a web site which will do that for you, do a fast Google explore for “convert doc to pdf free” Associate in Nursingd you must quickly realize an possibility which will work for you


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